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This post is about my childhood which is a great inspirational stories for you currently I am Millionaire and soon going to be a billionaire I am a motivational speaker business export which no how to start business and I used to help to the people how to start their own business to become financially free I am a writer of the many books xyz and now I am going to write the post on this website to help you I want to share a incident from my childhood when I was a kid I was a brilliant student with 80 above percentage and a kind of a shy person to so I take the part in a speech competition and there's a speech competition which topic is character is a crown and glory of a life so in that time the internals was new so I just had recharged my internet for 25 rupees and search a post corrector is crown and glory of a life so I resource and this ditto at speech and tell in the stage show the thing is that everyone have the same topic to say because everyone have seen it on the internet but when today I look to myself and the word I have spoken at that time was totally wrong the word used by me was that if you lose your your health nothing is lots if you lose your wealth something is lost and if you lose your character everything is lost when today I recall this words of mine I understand that I was totally wrong at that time I was made you belated by others words so I can can overcome this mistake but telling you the correct way if health is lost everything is lost because if you don't have the health na you have no power to work and if you don't have the power to work now you are not going to talk to anyone so so indirectly you are not going to be a social or indirectly you can say that you are not going to build up of character and second thing wealth wealth is a most important thing in the life so first earn at Dell ended because money start making it Money himself when its stages come so so money is important work for the me and then money should work for you so if you don't have the money now you are not going to get the opportunities with the rich people get because you are in the place where you have not seen the other words to you are like a frog on a pond for him a big Ocean is just his imagination because his whole life is in this. So if he sees the ocean is going to with them ridiculous excited and out of sense because he have seen the point in his life and then when he see the multi Ocean he is going to be to Imphal by that so on and get experiences of the ocean because when you get the experience of the ocean are you get self confidence to do the work which is impossible for the everyone because they have they live in a pond


Another incidence of mine is when I was a kid because I was a kid and when I recall it now I was like this is not mean man because when you meet me today now and will you see me before 45 year I was totally a different person that yes I was a chef kind of a person who is good at studies that at sports and host at social so the thing is that time changes and I become too much anger I become a stubborn like a Kabir Singh so after that something happens I will not tell what is the time and then I will come come generous happy kind of a person with I am today and I like that personality rather than being a stubborn stubborn because it is in my blood and I can't do that but what I was today now I get the peace for what I am when I was in the 11th class because of anything I become a head boy of the school everyone has not expected they have expected but not too sure that he will be or he will not because I am a good speaker so I was like I have the edge over the others so I become the head boy and IOS like the confidence booster so much hai that I am started to score good marks again and I forget to tell you when the stage come now stubborn to neutral I got very less marks my marks get depletion and when I become the head boy I gain the confidence again and and then become topper again and start playing some sports like boxing football which I love the most and I love to play it now so the moral of the thing is that time changes and people to changes please change with the time or time will replace you thank you for getting this post


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