How to drive safe

How To Drive Safe 

Accident happens when people violet traffic rules and Unlike the Bengali of clapping it takes only one hand to read the earth of multiple life if someone is driving in abandoned disregard of the traffic rule usually is in the dangerous to himself through sadly he was pauses a denser to all that find themselves on the same road as he he is the suicide bomber lettuce and interesting head is not even no

How to drive safe

Traffic rules are regarded fit disaster in the controller Indian roads for instant most of the people wear helmets only near to the traffic pictures as if they humouring the police so as not to get the ticket or not to get their safety underlying in the ignorance and twisted attitude of the week have on our road day in day out the driver resume himself save between the international safety standard and the sleep through the lives of the pedestrain and the normal people is coming to I have your vehicle and finally perhaps on are not rigorous neither for the cake not for making up on the most of the time making signals not followed the speed limits not wearing the seat belt during under the influence of alcohol social media phone conservation are the crime of criminals and commonly answered with their lives 

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